Ray Chesna

Every Day Above Ground Is a Good One

Every Day Above Ground is a Good One


This honky tonk veteran is a local treasure who sings with the teddy-bear softness of Leon Redbone while playing some of the gentlest, most appealing western swing, country-western and bluegrass guitar you're ever likely to hear.
-- Gregory Nicoll, Creative Loafing
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Ray ChesnaMeet Ray Chesna. He's an experienced performer, an accomplished guitarist, a songwriter, a teacher, and a string-instrument repair technician. For the last decade or so, he has lived in Atlanta and has performed mostly around the Southeast. Outside of Atlanta, you may have run into him at Swananoa, Merlefest, or the Folk Alliance convention. His song, "Make Your Own Music", strikes a chord [sic] with folk audiences everywhere he performs.

Ray's CD is called Every Day Above Ground is a Good One. Here are the liner notes, written by David Chamberlain of radio station WRFG (Atlanta).

Ray has developed his performance abilities in many styles, but especially in bluegrass, swing, and blues. He is very concerned with the history and underpinings of the music he plays. His puts a lot of time and effort into mastering authentic techniques and learning songs and tunes which are the cornerstones of their genres.

Here's the text of an article about Ray written by "Doc" Lerner in the August 1993 issue of "Acoustics".

Every Day Above Ground... track list and media files.

With appearances by:

  • Pete Cameron - fiddle
  • Paul Carpenter - double bass, backing vocal
  • Tom Gray - dobro, lap steel
  • Sherwood Mobley - drums
  • Rise' Payne - fiddle & backing vocal
  • Bob Shaw - archtop, flattop guitars
  • Neil Starky - double bass
  • Jim Tolles - fiddle
  • Tom Wolf - harmonica
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